Popo the Emperor Penguin

Written by Beverly Jatwani, Illustrated by Annabelle Hale, Published by New Frontier Publishing 2023

The seventh and last book of the series is an enchanting story about a boy and an emperor penguin. When a big ball of snow separates Seb from the rest of the group, he doesn’t know what to do. A special encounter with Popo the penguin will forever change Seb’s understanding of GRATITUDE. Learn some great emperor penguin facts, too, and find out how all the characters of the seven books come together to change the world. YOU can change the world!

Available for purchase at New Frontier Publishing

Let the Sunshine In!

Written by Craig Sheather, Illustrated by Annabelle Hale, Published by Woodslane Press, 2023

Frank is blind, but nonetheless loves the outdoors and the feel of the sun on his face. In this new story Frank and his friends (the Wilderness Warriors) go on a camping trip with the intention of getting up early to see the sunrise. However, on the pre-dawn walk to the lookout the torch batteries die and the group are plunged into darkness. 

Frank takes over the lead, making his way confidently with his knowledge of the path and his stick, while the others follow. The story thus delights children while at the same time giving them an insight into the experience of blindness. This is the second in a series of books featuring Lyra, Frank and Charlie, the Wilderness Warriors.

Available for purchase at Woodslane Press

Jack's Best Day Ever!

Written by Gabrielle Bassett, Illustrated by Annabelle Hale, Published by Woodslane Press, 2023

Jack loves anything that zooms, digs and races. But Jack doesn’t like change and he only ever wants to eat peanut butter sandwiches! This heartwarming, hilarious story of friendship explores how it feels to be neurodivergent, and introduces children to the idea that there is no one-size-fitsall way to be human. 

"At the core of Gabrielle’s vivid and beautifully written tale is the blossoming friendship between two children, each with their own unique disability and neurodiversity. They observe each others preferences and ways of experiencing the world around them without judgement, with an open heart and a sense of adventure." Lenny De Vries (Disability & Neurodiversity Program Lead).

Available for purchase at Woodslane Press

Dad, Get Off Your Phone!

Written by Craig Sheather, Illustrated by Annabelle Hale, Published by Woodslane Press, 2023

Lyra is an active young lady who wants to get out and explore the world - but her father has turned into a Phone Zombie! He spends all his time lying on the couch working… talking… texting… reading… watching sports. Finally she persuades him to go for a walk with her in the bush where they see amazing creatures and Dad is gradually converted into a Nature Zombie! 

This wholesome tale, hinting at the dangers of the over-use of screens and extolling the benefits of getting out into nature, turns the usual parent-berating-child narrative on its head. The story thus delights children while at the same time tempting them to follow in Lyras footsteps. This is first in an anticipated series of books featuring Lyra and the Wilderness Warriors.

Available for purchase at Woodslane Press

Baby Days

Written by Nicola Philp, Illustrated by Annabelle Hale, Published by Publishink Press, 2018

Baby Days, a going to bed book for babies and toddlers, is a simple, rhyming book following a group of babies through their evening activities, ending in a peacefully sleeping child. The images show babies from many different cultural backgrounds. It’s a wonderful book for multiple readings and children will have plenty to look at and talk about as they listen along.

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